Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thank You

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but I tend to be rather ungrateful sometimes. Instead of thinking about all the things that I have, I think about all the things that I want. I fret and worry about not having what I'll need in the future instead of cherishing the things that are present in my life right now.

The reality is that I’m blessed beyond measure. In fact, when I think about it too much, it feels overwhelming. Not only do I have everything I need, I have excess. I have more wealth than most people in the world. I'm physically able to do more than I'll ever attempt. I have more opportunities than I'll ever choose in a million lifetimes. And, the Universe sends me love even when I feel completely unworthy.

… and yet it seems that I’m always demanding more.

Today I’ll pause to feel gratitude for all that I have. I’ll be thankful for my fortune, health, freedom, and friends. The abundance of these gifts seems endless.