Saturday, October 30, 2004

For Men: The Answers to the Questions

Question of the Week: (we'll start with an easy one)

Do I look fat in this?

Potential wrong answers:
No (whether you bother to glance up from the TV to look at us or not)
(Pause) Hmmm (with a scrunched up look on your face)
I don't know

Potential right answers (if she looks good or if you don't know)
Baby, you'd look great in a brown paper wrapper, but I love the way that looks!
Damn girl, you look great!
(Pause) Hmmm (with a sexy raised eyebrow and a naughty grin) How long do you plan to keep it on?
That reminds me, I haven't told you how beautiful you are today.

Potential right answers (if she looks uncomfortable or if you really don't have a clue)
You know you always look sexy and beautiful to me, but it's important that you feel good too.
I think you're gorgeous, but what do I know? What do you think?
You are the most phenomenal woman I've ever known. Take that off and let's stay in tonight.

Keep in mind, this question is always an opportunity to complement your partner on her physical appearance. In a culture that overly emphasizes a woman's worth by her physical appearance, a little boost from our partner can be helpful now and then. Additionally, she might truly want a second opinion about what to wear. In the absence of the experts (our best girlfriends), you will have to do. Once the complement has been delivered, take a second to decern whether she still needshelp. If so, ask her how she feels about her choice. If she is ambiguous, ask her about her other choices. Want to really score points? Get off the couch and go rummaging in the closet with her. Once she has decided, agree with her that it's the best choice.

With this approach, you can't go wrong.
It's a LOVE thing - Theresa

Hot Chik's Code

For some girls and women being a Hot Chik comes naturally. For others, it's a process of unlearning a lot of crap that society has taught her about herself and other women. If you wish to claim your place in the world as a Hot Chik, please refer to the Code below.

Hot Chiks are Proud, Strong and Brave.
Hot Chiks cooperate with their sisters and never compete unfairly. A Hot Chik would never think of competing for the attention of a man.
Hot Chiks are proud of their sisters’ accomplishments.
Hot Chiks watch each other’s backs.
Hot Chiks realize that doing the right thing sometimes means you have to break the rules.
Hot Chiks are gorgeous regardless of the current trends or narrowly defined standards of beauty.
Hot Chiks realize it’s a privilege to be a woman and are compassionate toward men, the unfortunate and weaker sex.
Hot Chiks love men who love and respect women. (optional)
Hot Chiks are proud and comfortable with their sexuality. We don’t succumb to society’s double standard that "good girls don’t", and we aren’t necessarily "good girls."

My Pledge: I, _________________________________________, do solemnly swear to follow the Hot Chiks’ Code to the best of my ability from this day forward. I will spread the Hot Chiks’ Code to those who are receptive, and I will protect the Code from those who would use it to exploit and/or damage any or all Hot Chiks.

______________ ________________________________________________
Date Signature

(Hot Chik’s Code Co-Authors)

The authors also acknowledge Ruth and Carrie, two powerful Hot Chiks, who inspired the early conceptualization of the Hot Chik's Code.