Friday, March 28, 2008

Return to the Land of Blog

It’s been over a year since I’ve been an active participant in the Blogosphere. Every so often, when I miss my friends here, I wander through and read a few posts so I feel a bit connected. It’s like watching a party by peeping through the windows. I miss the companionship and fun.

I didn’t leave because something bad happened. I just sort of ran out of stuff to say. In the past, I often used this place to sort things out and I ran out of messes to sort ... at the time, anyway.

This year has included lots and lots of adventures in love and romance. I suppose that’s my thing … my path in life. Instead of reflecting and writing about such things, I dove headlong into the world and experienced more of life than I have for quite a while.
Data collection.
Investigative research.
Participant observation.
Going out and getting what I want instead of just talking/writing about it.

During the last 9 months, I’ve dated 24 different men. I tried to date before but I must not have been ready because it didn’t work. This time, it was really easy. I just decided to date and bunches of people asked me out. For the most part, it’s been fun. I’ve met some very interesting people and I’ve learned a lot.

The men have ranged between 24 and 57. They’ve been businessmen, construction workers, office workers, teachers, artists, students, medical techs, and one was a professional football player. Some were rich and some were struggling like me. Their reasons for wanting to spend time with me varied. They were lonely, or horny, or bored, or wanted an adult partner/friend. The latter group were the ones I found attractive. It was also rewarding because I learned about people, had new experiences, and made some new friends. In fact one of the guys that didn't work out became a very good friend ... not just a buddy-friend; he's the kind of friend I love and will have in my heart forever.

Although I had a couple bad dates, I liked most of the people I went out with. I saw a number of them several times. However, as I wrote in my Red Shoe post, one can’t compromise about relationships (or shoes). The guy for me has to meet my standards, (and I have to meet HIS too). He has to fit ME exactly right. He doesn’t have to be perfect; he just has to be perfectly suited for me.

Number 19 seems to be a keeper. We’ve been seeing each other since December, first very casually, but the last couple months exclusively. He has a good heart, a smart brain and a quick funny bone. Best of all, so far the only surprises are the nice ones.