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THE ANSWERS to the Romance Quiz

I’ve finally gotten around to posting the answers to the Romance Quiz. However, before we get into the results, I want to go over a couple things. First, I’ll go over some of the obvious disclaimers. Second, I’ll identify the criteria by which the quiz results were examined.


  • As with most tests, this one is biased. In fact, as usual, I paid no mind to my personal biases.
  • Likewise, this test is highly subjective. It is very specifically written and scored from the Hot View of a Hot Chik.
  • I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. I have no problem agreeing to disagree, agreeing to both be right or discovering to my delight that I still have things to learn, and I am wrong.
  • I actually took this quiz myself. When I answered the questions with absolute honesty, I DIDN’T get a perfect score.

The criteria for a gesture to be romantic:

  • It is personal, sentimental and/or nostalgic.
  • It is passionate, but not necessarily sexual.
  • It is thoughtful, creative, original and challenging.
  • It is risky, adventurous and fueled by desire.
  • The object of affection is idealized and adored.
  • It promotes and furthers intimacy.
  • There is an element of fantasy.

Not all of these criteria are reflected in the Quiz questions. However, I decided posting all of them was a good idea, especially so close to Valentine’s Day. For those of you struggling to come up with a gift idea, these criteria may provide a spark. If you’re still stuck, contact me by e-mail. I will also post a few ideas in the next few days.

Romance Quiz Results:

A. Which of these phrases expresses the greatest romantic sentiment?

1. 1 point
2. 3 points
3. 2 points
4. 4 points

This is a tricky one. It is biased from the perspective of the Hot Chik Code. Number 6 of the code says, "Hot Chiks are gorgeous regardless of the current trends or narrowly defined standards of beauty." This in no way discredits the fact that answer #2 is beautiful. In fact, I am fond of whispers and kisses. However, the message of unconditional love and adoration gets the extra point.

B. Which of these is the MOST romantic date?

1. 2 points
2. 1 point
3. 4 points
4. * 4 points or 1 point (see explanation)

This question is all about furthering intimacy. The more private time the better. For those who chose #4, they only get full points if it is planned, there are no distractions, the movie is special, and you are cuddling (making-out before the end of the movie is even better).

C. You’re out for dinner and your date spills wine on her blouse. You …?

1. 4 points
2. 2 points
3. 4 points
4. 1 point

Number one is the chivalrous answer. If she seems to be concerned about her $150 silk blouse, she might be distracted, even if she’s not concerned about the look. Number 2 is generous, but unnecessary. Number 3 is the best response for the gal who seems embarrassed about looking clumsy in front of you. Number 4 seems sexually motivated rather than romantically motivated.

D. Women continue to struggle for equal rights. After decades of such strife, the impact on dating etiquette has become a cliché. So, do you offer to pay for dinner?

1. 4 points
2. 1 point
3. - 10 points

This question is a bit tricky. Some of you may have felt that I set you up. I liked the answers given by those who said they would offer to pay for any guest they had invited out to dinner. My real reason for this question is to recognize that IN GENERAL, women still only earn 72% of what men make in the work place, yet overall, women perform 70% of the overall work (this includes unpaid work). Furthermore, one of the biggest predictors of poverty for women and children in the United States is divorce. I can also guarantee that the beautiful woman you are sharing the evening with, spent a hell of a lot more money than you did getting ready for the date. Her clothes, shoes, hair, make-up, perfume, shampoo, waxing, under garments, nails, accessories, etc. cost a bloody fortune. Don’t be fooled by those who seem to have a natural look. That takes some major maintenance as well. The cost of dinner is a minor effort toward balancing the financial inequity between genders.

E. The day after you have sex with her for the 1st time, you acknowledge the experience by?

1. 4 points
2. 2 points
3. 3 points
4. -10 points

Admittedly, I am biased about this (the Goddess loves the flowers). Still, if you really dig this Chik, go for it! It’s a little risky, but it’s not a marriage proposal, for Pete’s sake. The flowers are going to set you apart from every other shmuck she’s ever boffed. Besides, if you send flowers, imagine how enthusiastic she’s going to be the next time.

A personal call is good too. It allows for intimacy, your voice tone can express genuineness, and there’s a bit of risk involved. Don't be a dope and think it’s cool to wait 5 days. If she’s a Hot Chik, she may have moved on by then.

E-mail may be adequate, but unless you are really creative and have some technical knowledge to make it special, it’s generally pretty lame.

F. Rank the following gifts from most romantic to least romantic:

4 1 3 2

The bracelet is #1 because it fits more of the criteria of a romantic gesture. It’s personal, thoughtful, and original compared to the others. It’s also a bit of a challenge because the gift-giver has to remember the exact bracelet and the store from months earlier. The personal part is what distinguishes it the most, not the fact that it’s a piece of jewelry. It’s unlikely that anyone else in her life knows that she admired that particular item. Putting this first gives you 4 points.

A book by her favorite author is something several people in her life could give her. My boss could give me such a gift. Believe me, it wouldn’t be a romantic gift if he gave it to me. However, if the book is a particularly special, it becomes romantic. The rare 1st edition Gone With the Wind is an example. It was a challenge for Charlie to acquire this particular book for his Love. Any gift that has emotional value adds to the romantic value. The fact that you know who her favorite author is, and that you know that she likes to read requires some thought. It's worthy of 3 points. Charlie receives an 3 extra points for Gone With the Wind.

A gift certificate for a massage and a facial is a gift that many women enjoy. However, it’s not something we expect to get from our sweetie. While it does send a message that we deserve to be pampered, it’s the message we generally receive from our Mom or our girlfriends. Putting this answer 1st gives you 2 points.

I ADORE pretty lingerie. When I discover something that makes me feel sexy, I’m 3 inches taller and glowing. However, that is the gift I buy myself. Occasionally, I might think of you when I buy it. Unless your gal specifically asks for lingerie, leave it to her! Putting this answer 1st gives you 0 points.

G. To set the mood in the boudoir, you?

1. 2 points
2. 3 points
3. 1 point
4. 4 points

Showing interest in her, taking your time, and being affectionate and thoughtful is what #4 is all about. It creates intimacy and that’s romantic and sexy. Numbers 2 and 1 have some of those elements, but not to the same degree. Once you get to #3, it’s just silly. Silly can be a good thing. You might get lucky, but it’s not romantic.

H. The following best describes your attitude about sex:

1. 3 points
2. 2 points
3. 0 points
4. 5 points

This is the question that I would have scored less than perfect. I tend to believe you get what you give sexually. See my post called Sex Police for all the exagerated details. It has some merit because it suggests that you are willing to put forth effort to have a good experience. However, the most romantic response is #4. This response demonstrates thoughtful generosity, and the attitude that your lover is idolized and adored. Number 2 implies that you have faith that you have a good sexual relationship, but it lacks thoughtfulness. Number 3 lacks any merit whatsoever.

I. When your Sweetie walks into the room, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

1. 1 point
2. 3 points
3. 0 points
4. 4 points
* Give yourself an extra point if you couldn’t help yourself and answered 2 and 4.
Also, the person who e-mailed me to say #4, but also #2 if I was wearing my magic jeans gets an extra 3 points. Very cool, Baby!

This question recognizes the subtle difference between passion and sexuality for those who struggled between #2 and #4. No one that I’m aware of answered # 1 or 3. I only gave #1 a single point because there was a modicum of thoughtfulness involved in the response. Number 3 needs to consider couples counseling.

J. Which term of endearment seems the most romantic to you?

1 thru 4, 6 thu 8 and 10 receive 4 points
5 and 9 receive negative 10 points and a citation from the Sex Police
11 receives 5 points for creativity, sentimentality and originality

Answers that I was particularly fond of:

"Whatever is the one you are whispering in my ear!!!" (At first I thought this was a lame response, but after I thought about it, I decided it was pretty damn good.)

"a Welsh word 'Cariad' meaning love, or 'Fy Nghariad' (pronounced roughtly Vun Hariad) meaning my love." Ed

"Cuddle-Bunny" TryingTimes

"Beautiful" Average Joe

Interpretation of Scores: Anyone scoring higher than 30 points is a damn good choice for a Valentine.


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