Sunday, February 06, 2005

Love Really is Everything it's Cracked Up to Be

Not every woman enjoys the heady adventure of romance. Some may want to avoid it due to the inherent risks involved. It can be a wild roller-coaster ride with a nasty crash at the end. For those who wish to protect their hearts from a potential shredding, they can read about romantic adventures in steamy novels from the safety of an over-stuffed chair.

I’m not that woman. It’s not as if I have a choice. After all, I have certain obligations as the Love Goddess. It really is a pretty fantastic job. I can say that now. The piercing wounds I suffered a few months ago have healed a bit. There’s one thing I can’t seem to grasp, however. Scar tissue is supposed to be thicker than the original tissue. I wonder why I’m still so tender and easily wounded in the heart? Damn, those crashes sting! You know what I mean?

Perhaps I’m crazy to go back for more. Just as soon as the double vision fades and my feet can support me, I’m running to the front of the line to scramble into that coaster-car again. I have no doubt that despite being a bit more cautious, there will be more rides and more crashes in my future.

Some of the roller-coaster rides of my past have been unforgettable.

MH: It was an ordinary weekend in an ordinary city in Iowa. I was out for the evening with a few girlfriends when I noticed someone who captured my interest. Rather than waiting for him to notice me back, I started a conversation. The rest of the evening was one of most memorable times of my life.

Two days later he called from his home 1,200 miles away to tell me he had contacted a travel agent. He wanted to know if I would mind if he spent his vacation back in Iowa a couple months later. The next two months were filled with Halmark cards, long phone calls, and surprise flowers in the most unexpected places. Nothing can compare to the week we spent together when he returned.

That was Romantic!

D: I was in a small art gallery with Monkey-Man, my Mother-in-law and my Boyfriend (no, Mom doesn’t know). We were enjoying some lovely art by a few local artists. At the very end of the exhibit, one painting caught my attention. While music tends to elicit an emotional response from me, I’ve never had a powerful experience with other art forms. As I looked upon this particular painting of a nude woman, my eyes filled with tears and I began to sob. I stood before the her for a very long time. I couldn't seem to tear myself away. While my Mother-in-law tried to get me to stop my blubbering, my Boyfriend bought the painting. He said that she belonged with me.

I look at her every day. Mostly she makes me smile now.

That was Romantic!

Monkey-Man: Last Valentine’s Day, Monkey-Man was excited about the gift he had for me. I couldn’t imagine why. We had agreed to do no more than exchange cards with one another. Historically, he has created homemade cards when he can’t find what he wants in a store. They usually involve watercolors and a poem or a romantic quote. This year was something really special.

The envelope was stiff, flat and square. When I opened it, I found a CD sleeve with the words "Love Songs and Remembrances" written on the outside. The CD contains all the songs we listened to during the first few years we were together. One of the songs is a rarely recorded song by Cole Porter that my Jodi sang at our wedding. Whenever I listen to the CD, my mind is flooded with happy memories of how we became the best of friends and fell in love. That’s about the best present I ever got.

That was Romantic!

Love really is everything it’s cracked up to be.
Summon your courage.
Fight for it.
Risk everything.


At 9:28 AM, Blogger Kay said...

Thank you, Theresa; that was inspirational. I think I need to do some fond memory blogging of my own soon. If I'm alone this Valentine's Day, at least I can surround myself with memories of past romance.

At 10:54 AM, Blogger cricket said...

beautiful, theresa! i'm working on being less of an armchair's not the fall that gets me, it's that sudden stop... :)

At 12:51 PM, Blogger Ed said...

I agree, Theresa, love is everything it’s cracked up to be. I like the CD idea.

At 9:29 AM, Blogger Goldfish Shoals said...

HAHA! You cried at a painting! J/K.

Aw...I like romantic stories. That's good stuff.

At 8:57 AM, Blogger Tiger said...

...the thing that stumps me is... how to get back to that CORE--that romantic/sweep you off your feet on occasion/get tingly when you kiss--core. The place that seemed y'know so ever present in the beginning and oh... 16 years later seems to have just



I like the CD idea.
I'm totally stealing it for the man this year. What a cool idea... :)


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