Monday, November 29, 2004

Song for my Naughty Hot Ass

I have a naughty hot ass. It gets me in all kinds of trouble. My ass is so naughty and hot that one time it started my house on fire. My dog and I were leisurely walking through the kitchen like we do when we’re going out for a W – A – L – K. As we casually passed by the stove, my ass stuck it’s big old naughty hot self out and turned the burner switch. I didn’t notice the Chinese take-out bag sitting on the stovetop. Before we got out the door with our poopie-bag, not only was the paper bag on fire, but the cabinets above the stove were crackling too. It was a big o’ blaze. I had to use the fire extinguisher and everything. After that we made up a song and dance about how hot and naughty my ass is.

Here’s how it goes:
First, bend over a bit so it looks like your ass is even bigger than it really is.
Then, let your ass shake whichever way it wants to. It will do the dance without the rest of your body.
(to the tune of whichever James Bond movie theme song you like best)
My ass is so hot baby
Don’t get too close sugar
You’ll burn your sweet fingers maybe
The house is on fire muthar.
Shake that naughty hot ass
Shake it, Shake it!
Shake that naughty hot ass
Shake it, Shake it!


At 8:23 AM, Blogger dwduck said...

You and your hot ass. You don't see other girls talking about their hot ass, do you? (joke) :) Always enjoy reading your stuff Theresa. Thanks for the reply.

At 8:36 PM, Blogger theresa said...

Duck - I see your point. However, how many girls have an ass so big and bad that it starts their damn house on fire? You have to admit that is rather noteworthy.


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