Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Hot Chik ReUnion

The Original Hot Chiks reunited tonight in a rare untelevised public appearance. Carrie, Ruth and Theresa seemed unaffected by the usual public attention as they enjoyed one another’s company amidst the locals in this quaint midwestern town. Although passersby gawked and stared, and sometimes even dared to approach for a kind word and a bit of the limelight, the gals seemed enchanted with their own private conversation. For those of you unfamiliar, these three are the first Hot Chiks.

Carrie is the sassiest of sassy ass twenty-somethings. She’s hot and everyone knows it. This girl has it goin’ on. Not only that, but this little blond bomb-shell can really burn up the dance floor. As for her other talents; she can hold on to a pin-ball machine for up to 7 days at time; she can go from straight to frizzy-afro without leave-in products or crimping wands; she can completely change clothes in the car while driving; and, she can leave a man speechless and comatose with a single phrase.

Ruth is our thirtysomething Hot Chik. She is Goddess Smartass!, and quick as hell with the comebacks! No one is better at telling someone they are a total fuck while they are laughing their ass off about it. She can also drink a pitcher of beer with her teeth, get into a barfight with a bunch of dudes, kickstart a Harley on the first try, and tuck her sweet boy into bed at night with a nice mommy kiss.

As for Theresa, she likes to sit back and soak in the love.

Welcome home Carrie. We missed you!


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