Friday, December 31, 2004

Miss Nipple, the New Weather Girl

Blimey, it's a fuckin' heat wave! It was 62 degrees yesterday. Not to complain, but here in the Great Plains, we expect temps hovering about twenty this time of year. My nipples don't do anything when I go outside. They just stay exactly as they are unless I fiddle with them a bit or think about naughty things.

Speaking of naughty things, I just took the Slut Test, linked from Kathy's Blog. I scored a Hot 68%. I was completely shocked. I thought I was going to score lower because I have pretty strong views about certain things, and I was quite reserved until my mid twenties. But, I also absofuckinglutely HATE the double standard. Perhaps my belief that women should say YES to their desires and NO to their traditional role as the gatekeepers of sex had something to due to my higher than expected score.

The Love Goddess New Year Party Tip:
If you're planning to go out to celebrate the New Year, think about how you will cover your nipples. If you choose to wear a bra, make sure it's not padded. You'll want others to notice when you're sporting your PARTY HATS!
Happy New Year ! ! ! ! ! !


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