Monday, October 09, 2006

Vacation Report

1076 miles in the car … time flies with good tunes and a good friend.

There was something about the water in Illinois and Ohio that made my hair look and feel better than usual. Other people seemed to notice too. Over the course of 5 days, I think about 127 people told me that I have great hair. There was also one person who couldn’t seem to think of anything else to say to me, so he just told me that I had great hair 127 times in a row … … actually, that was kinda creepy. In fact, my friend told me that if it happened again she wouldn’t go anywhere with me unless I shave my head.

I had my first professional pedicure, and as predicted, I’m hooked. I’m going to have to get a part-time job to pay for this new guilty pleasure. It’s too wonderful to live without. And, my feet look and feel so yummy!

I ate more in 5 days than I’ve eaten in a month. Ugh! It was all great, but I’m not even stepping on the scale for at least a week.

Naps are good.

So are hot tubs.

So are Lemon Drop Martinis.

I need to accept the fact that I just shouldn’t go to bars. When is the last time you met an intelligent or amusing person in a bar? I’ve met ONE truly phenomenal person in a bar, and maybe half a dozen mildly interesting people along the way. The rest have almost always been people that I’ve wanted to escape from about 5 minutes into the conversation. No amount of alcohol can improve this situation.

My girl told me that in general I need to get better at getting rid of people that annoy me in social situations. She says that I worry too much about hurting other people’s feelings. I need to stop doing that and learn how to make a get-a-way when clingy people attach themselves to me. I listened to her tell me about this for about half an hour while driving back from Ohio. I found it a bit ironic the next day when she found herself in a lengthy conversation with a gentleman that seemed quite attached to her. Part of the conversation went something like this:
Gfriend – So, what are you doing in Illinois?
Man – I moved here from Arkansas to help my sister?
Gfriend – Oh.
Man – Yeah, she had a bad forklift accident at work and she needs a lot of help.
Gfriend – That sounds terrible. What happened?
Man – Yeah. She’s in awful shape. It crushed her leg. She’ll never walk again.
Gfriend – (thinking about rehab and prosthetics) Is the situation hopeless? What about her other leg? Is that okay?
Man – Yeah, her other leg is fine, but HOPPIN’ AIN’T WALKIN’!
Gfriend - . . . ummm.
Man – (looking over P's shoulder) Hey! Hey! Hey! What’s your name again? Theresa? You got REALLY, REALLY pretty hair, Theresa! Really pretty hair!


At 8:21 AM, Blogger Spin_Doc1 said...

I go to bars, granted I am not trying to intelligent or entertaining when I am there but I so Could Be!

At 11:05 AM, Blogger Ron Southern said...

I wasn't born to save you from alcoholic perverts and lazeabouts, but if I could do it, I would! I'd do anything I could to see you race your motor!

At 4:17 PM, Blogger naive-no-more said...

Pedicures are the best aren't they? I can get em in my town for $25 - not too bad considering I only do it about every 6 weeks from March to October.

And what better thing to do with a girlfriend on a road trip.

PS: You have great hair!!!

At 3:39 PM, Blogger Al said...

did you chance any of my suggestions

At 5:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, that sounds like Illinois. At least you didn't have to spend time in Indiana.


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